Ngau Coffee and Store is a real gem in Vinh City. It has a distinct ‘Hanoian’ feel about it. It is quite hard to define but somehow¬†when you enter, you feel far away from Vinh.

At the back of the cafe, there is a clothes store which offers a selection of jeans, tops and shoes.

There are three areas to sit. In the main entrance area, a lovely courtyard or upstairs which is also non-smoking.

The menu is a typical cafe menu, a mixture of hot and cold drinks. However, the quality of drinks here set this cafe apart from the rest. The staff are young and energetic, but they really do know how to make a good drink, whatever your choice may be. The menu is in English and Vietnamese, and a couple of the staff members also speak English.

It is situated on the main road, just along from the bus station. It has a small entrance but once you find it, you will definitely find yourself going back…more than once.

Address & Contact


36 Le Loi, Vinh City


18.6815169, 105.674585